Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I drew the political cartoon in the car a few days ago and the other picture some time a few weeks ago. Since everyone is posting recaps of the year, I decided I need to share my art.

Best way to control someone.

Except really.

Don't quit my day job, I know. Speaking of that, last night I sort of had a meltdown/crisis and decided that I need to drop out of school and become an artist. I know, I'm already so fabulous there's not much left to do. Then I decided I need to stay in school and take all of the classes until I'm a good enough artist to leave school - so basically take every class they offer. Twice. I decided that I never want to be in charge of ethics, and I don't want to be leading it because I know technology will get out of hand, if it hasn't already, and life as we know it will be like a dystopian book. I'm afraid this will happen in my lifetime. I don't mind documenting it, as an artist. But I don't want to be the one making the decisions, as a researcher.

I think I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and post either my most popular or favorite post for each month.

July - Hair Yoga and Other Stories
August - Best Tattoo Artist - Part One
September - English Brain vs. Science Brain
October - The Stigma
November - Cooking Fails Part Two
December - Goals and Disappointments and Obligatory Holiday Post (they have the same number of views, shut up)

If there's any of those you haven't read, I would remedy that real quick.

Also stay tuned for my sixth month anniversary giveaway.

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