25 by 25

I've seen a few other bloggers do this, and I thought it would be a good thing for me to do too.

  1. Get 1,000+ blog hits a day at leave five times in one week
  2. Get into grad school on the West coast
  3. Commit to recovery
  4. Get my driver's license
  5. Begin working on one of my research experiment ideas
  6. Visit a country outside the US
  7. Run a 10K
  8. Read 200 books
  9. Make/Send a PostSecret
  10. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet well
  11. Keep an herb garden
  12. Finish reading all published books in A Song of Ice and Fire series
  13. Go on a boat ride
  14. Reread all of the Harry Potter books at least once
  15. Fill an entire notebook with things I am grateful for
  16. Go backpacking for at least a week
  17. Voluntarily speak to a small group
  18. Voluntarily speak to a large group
  19. Try extreme couponing
  20. Go on a road trip
  21. Completely finish TWO large art projects
  22. Complete Insanity (only workout, not food part)
  23. Complete a ten day Vispassana course
  24. Join three clubs
  25. Never make a late payment
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