Sunday, September 22, 2013

Music and More

I just remembered I forgot to post this.... Reading it, I can't say I don't know why.

We all have our guilty pleasures.

But, are there songs that you like the sound of, but hate the words so much you can't listen to them?

In general, I don't like pop music. I think most of it takes no talent and isn't any good. This song fits both of these categories. I don't have a clue why I like the way it sounds. And yes I am writing the same thing over to put off saying which song it is. Because it's that bad. It's so bad I can't listen to it. I can't stand this song. Okay, fine, it's... blurred lines. Ug. I said it.
I have however found a good alternative. So much better than the actual song.
Or, what about songs that you don't really like but has that one really good line? How do you even say that? Oh yeah, I like this song, but not really. Or, I like about four seconds of this song. I find myself thinking that about Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park. I don't like the general premise of the song. I can understand why a lot of people would - I just don't feel it's true for me, and I don't agree with it. However the line "I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through" I really like. I know a lot of songs have similar lines, but this is the one I like.

And then there are the songs you just can't stop listening to for no reason. Currently that one is Sail by AWOLNATION. The other one I can think of is The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson. I go forever and never think of that song, and then all of the sudden I listen to it once and I can't stop. Actually, you know, I haven't thought about that song in awhile, I'll have to listen to it....

And of course, there are those actual guilty pleasure songs. The songs you don't even want to admit to yourself (let alone the internet) that you like. Like Trainwreck by Demi Lovato.

So, now that I've already embarrassed myself, I might as well go a little bit further. Here is another conversation that I had with myself. I wish I could say I had it in my head, but it was out loud. They say it's okay if you have conversations in your head. They say it's okay to talk to yourself every now and again. However, having a conversation with yourself out loud is apparently not in that range of normal. Which is kind of unfortunate because if I'm alone I'm probably talking. And yes, I do answer back. And yes, I am reading this out loud like three times before I type it, while I type it, and after I typed it too. Anyways....

Me: I think I'm actually pretty realistic.
Me: Everyone thinks they're realistic.
Me: Yeah, I know, but I think I'm actually realistic.
Me: Everyone thinks they're actually realistic.
Me: No, but I mean, really. I think I'm actually actually realistic.
Me: Everyone thinks they're actually actually realistic.
Me: But I think I'm actually actually...
Me: Just stop.

I need to stop while I'm ahead....
I will leave you with another quote I said (out loud to myself) "I would kill for this tofu."

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