Wednesday, September 11, 2013

English Brain vs. Science Brain

My English Brain and my Science Brain like to argue a lot.

For example - in physics today, the professor started by talking about gravitational force. That was about all I heard because then my brains started going...

English Brain: Wouldn't it be so cool if like desks and walls and stuff had a gravitational force big enough so that stuff would stick to it? It would be so useful.

Science Brain: *sighs*

English Brain: What about if you could induce a force on an object so that things could stick to it?

Science Brain: But if stuff could stick to it without falling down, the gravitational force would have to be greater than the Earth’s and we’d stick to the object too.

English Brain: Or... you’d get a good workout. I should write a book....

Science Brain: What about a desk or wall with magnetic sides and get magnetic stuff so stuff stays up?

English Brain: Boring. *sighs* Fine.

Then my brain started singing/screaming Eye of the Tiger so loudly I'm still a little surprised that no one around me heard it. And I don't even know the words.
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