Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obligatory Holiday Post

I'm not a big holiday person. Shocker. I know.

It might be all the people or high energy. It might be seeing other people so damn happy because they either a. LOVE holidays or b. are out of their minds drunk because of the stress. Maybe it's the stress. Maybe there's another reason. I'm not sure. Holidays are just normal days with fancy meanings attached to them. Holidays are another way to show the passing of time.

However, sometimes things happen that even I can't ignore. They are selling these at my church.

take a ho to go

guess the chimney wasn't warmed up/easy access
Too far? Maybe.

Many of the other blogs I read have said that they can't quite get into the holiday spirit this year. I feel the same way (especially when it's 80* out) but no more so than any other year. My mom is very festive and really likes holidays. She has put bells on every door (including the ones to the bathroom). I think she's the only reason we celebrate holidays. But I guess everyone needs a few days a year to stop preaching non-consumerism and/or be a hypocrite. As we shop, we talk not only about consumerism but also about "trickle-up" economics, and we complain about people buying into things (literally and figuratively).

Maybe it's by habit. Maybe it's because it's the norm. I know one family who doesn't celebrate any holidays. If I ever have kids, I don't know how I will raise them. We would probably do a gift exchange, but I can't imagine trying to explain "Santa" (who's a creeper in my opinion). I think my sister, my elder by six years, believed in Santa longer than I did. I don't remember if I ever believed at all. I don't think I did. I mean I think that little traditions are cute and fun, but it just isn't me, you know? I'm not religious, so why would I celebrate the birth of a religious figure? Even if the holiday isn't really about that anymore.

Why do you celebrate the holidays?

Also, my crack (that's also a snack) hit the shack with a whack. Or, you know, people really liked it. I never thought I'd hear the word "crack" after my name as much as I did today. Also me and my friend kept making up things like "take a bite... you'll see the light."

Also, my mood's been back down again. I think it might be partly environmental, but I wish we'd hadn't reduced the dosage of one of my meds when both my therapist and psychiatrist are out of their offices until the second. Such is life.
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