Thursday, December 19, 2013

Goals and Disappointments

Humans are very goal oriented creatures. Which is pretty unfortunate because according to science, things never feel as big as we thought they would. In words that (hopefully) make more sense, we think that when we accomplish something we've been trying to do for forever we will feel amazing. But we won't feel as amazing as we thought we would. Probably because we're already thinking about the next accomplishment. However, this is also true about bad things. So that's probably a good thing.

And of course it always sucks when we're disappointed. Some people think the best way to counter this is never expect anything because then when something does happen you're happily surprised. I'll admit that, while it's not for that reason (consciously), I don't have a lot of expectations. However, I think that's the crazy talking. So it's probably not good.

Of course, we can't help but to be disappointed sometimes. I think this is because we see things differently at different times. The most obvious of course when we were kids.

However, goals are things that I know I should make. Even if I know I won't be excited when I accomplish them.

So, I am pleased to announce my now (finally) finished 25 by 25 page. It's been up for awhile but I had trouble coming up with 25 goals (understatement of the year). Everyone else says they have so many things they want to do with their life and it's difficult for me to even think of one. However, I eventually did come up with 25. You can watch me slowly (if ever) accomplish them over the next five years by clicking on tab at the top of my page.

What do you remember being different when you were younger?
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