Sunday, November 2, 2014


It's been about a year since I put up my 25 by 25 list. Actually, I just checked... it has not been a year since writing this amazing post. But I just had a birthday, so I'm inclined to write about my 25 by 25 list.

But first, goals of November:

1. Don't die. -- I'll know by Wednesday if I'm doing this or not. I'm possibly completely switching types of medications. I might be switching to a very old type, given in patch form. This type requires you to go completely clean of your other medications for two weeks. The goal is not to die. Or to be hospitalized, but if that happens it's okay. The dying part is less okay. I just found out today, while I was busy not sleeping at all, that I might be able to stay on Abilify. Which will make this switch much easier. The last time I switched medications... it was bad.

2. Finish five books. -- I'm in the middle of several books. Okay, 14. And finishing a few would be nice. Starting some would be nice too. But I want to finish at least five. If you like books and/or want to keep up with my reading progress click here to sign up for Goodreads.

3. Do a deep cleaning of my room at least twice. -- It's trashed. Well... recycled really. It's filled with things that ought to be recycled.

4. Improve my sleep hygiene. -- Do I think it will help my sleep problems? Not really. But it's worth a try. My cat is less than pleased about this because it means less time in bed with her.

5. Be a little proactive in the whole school thing (This is from now until the end of the semester, Dec. 12th is my last final). -- For organic chemistry, read the textbook, make notecards of the reactions (and learn them!) and read the second language book. Beginning this at least a week before each test. For physics try to read the textbook. Look at physics for dummies and see if it helps. And write out the practices problems as I look up the answers, instead of just punching in numbers. For children's lit, go and see the professor and ask her if my story is ready for publication, and what else I need to do for the class with it. And then what are my steps to get it published. For plagues, actually read the articles before the next test. And for biology actually look at the study guide and make my own version. Instead of half-assed rereading my crappy notes.

Bonus Goal

Okay. Now my yearly progress check on my 25 by 25 list:

1. Get 1,000+ blog hits a day at leave five times in one week
Hahaha. I know I was shooting for the stars with this one. Since I've been posting less my hits have been going down. Way down.

2. Get into grad school on the West coast
Not yet applicable.

3. Commit to recovery
Meh. Sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't. I can't quite check this one off yet.

4. Get my driver's license
I'm thinking this winter.

5. Begin working on one of my research experiment ideas
I need to develop an idea and get a staff member on board soon to do research in fall. I need it to graduate. And I can do an independent study.

6. Visit a country outside the US

7. Run a 10K

8. Read 200 books
I've read 29 books since my last birthday.

9. Make/Send a PostSecret
Not yet. I've had lots of ideas, but I haven't made one.

10. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet well
Yeah... no.

11. Keep an herb garden
I'm thinking in my window in the spring.

12. Finish reading all published books in A Song of Ice and Fire series
I've read four out of five.

13. Go on a boat ride
I took a dolphin sighting cruise. Does that count?

14. Reread all of the Harry Potter books at least once
Not yet.

15. Fill an entire notebook with things I am grateful for
I have one page... out of 158. I need to work on this.

16. Go backpacking for at least a week
Not yet.

17. Voluntarily speak to a small group

18. Voluntarily speak to a large group

19. Try extreme couponing
Not yet.

20. Go on a road trip
Again, not yet.

21. Completely finish TWO large art projects
I started one. And then lost it.

22. Complete Insanity (only workout, not food part)
Not yet.

23. Complete a ten day Vispassana course
Not yet.

24. Join three clubs
Sadly one of the clubs I want to join I can't without a car. But, I've shown interest in clubs. So that's a start.

25. Never make a late payment
Oops. Can't go back and undo that one. Remembering to pay your rent when you aren't told how much you owe is hard. It's also hard when you thought you had five days before it's late when you actually only have three.

Anyways. That was a long post. Me making up for all that time not posting. That's what I've been up to. What have you been up to? How are your goals coming? Or, do you even make goals? I can't promise I'll post again soon, but I will post again!
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