Friday, September 26, 2014

I don't have much to say...

Yes, I am still here. I don't have much to report. I'm taking a children's lit class, a class on plagues, basic biology (with lab), organic chemistry (with lab), and physics with calculus two (with lab). Today I had two tests and a presentation. The first test (organic) I believe went well. The second test I'm sure did not go well, but we got three points for putting our name on the test, so I know I didn't get a zero. The presentation, according to peer comments, I did well on, but lacked confidence. Speaking in front of people is one of my biggest fears so that is really good.

That was last week. I've since gotten grades back... a 99 on the organic chemistry test, a D on the physics test, and a 10/10 on the presentation. Looks like I have to step up my physics game. I also took two tests Tuesday. The first one went pretty well. I BSed a little, but I think I did okay. The second one, I don't think I did too well on. I hope the free response is worth a lot of points because I'm pretty sure I got that part perfect. The night before I took them I could have studied more. I had a couple of breakdowns over a few things, so that had me challenging why evolution mattered when some other things are going on.

Wednesday, I did the lab I talked about here. It took me all of 11 minutes. People kept coming over to look at mine because I am the only one who had her shit together. Because I am amazing. And because I had done the lab before... sort of.

I really don't have too much else to report. School still makes me anxious. But not quite as anxious as before. Mostly. I did have to take a Xanax twice this week before school to stop me from throwing up. But I've been especially stressed this past week about family stuff.

My roommates are great. We're all sort of slobs. The trash bags are building up in the living room (the dumpster is really far away). We leave dishes on the stove and on the counter. Which if we need to use we can move without expecting anyone to blow up. If we need to do laundry and there's something in we just do their laundry. Again without having to expect anyone to blow up. We live a lot more like a family than my last living situation. And everyone loves Storm.

Also, for some reason all of my comments on my last post went away. The comments are still on my IntenseDebate account, but aren't showing up for everyone to read. There was quite a few of them so it's unfortunate. It's like Blogger suddenly got rid of IntenseDebate and put its own comment... thing back. So that's no fun. I have no idea how to fix it. If anyone does know, email me.

So... how have you all been doing?
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