Friday, February 21, 2014

I can do anything...

Except for school, and lab, and especially physics.

I'm even wearing the shirt

I think lab is something you either LOVE or HATE. I know a lot of people who HATE lab. I think my mom LOVED lab. I'm, of course, indifferent. I'm trying to lean more towards the LOVE side though, because I know I'll probably end up working in a lab. However, hopefully I will not end up doing distillations.

The device we had to set up looked like this:
Ew. I know.

Now the tube in the middle, which we were told again and again was $380, has places where water goes in and comes out. Now, I know what you're thinking, you broke the $380 tube. But that would be wrong. I actually did not break my tube. I barely even got to use my tube.

I clumsily put everything together. Sort of. But well enough. I didn't drop anything like the guy next to me, his hands covered in vacuum grease (fancy lube). No, he did not break the $380 tube either. No one broke the $380 tube. That is not where this is going. Anyways, I thought I was ready to turn on the heat and the water. But when I did, water went everywhere. And by everywhere I mean everywhere. I was soaked. My bench was soaked. Hell, the ceiling tile above me was soaked. I turned it off as quickly as I could, but it wasn't quick enough.

I looked around. The TA wasn't nearby so I quickly grabbed a bunch of paper towels and tried to clean up the mess that seemed to be out of proportion to the amount of water that should have come out of the faucet. I had barely turned it on! I figured I could clean it up really fast before anyone noticed. Looking at the device I see that not only did the water out hose unattach itself, the water in hose had done the same.

Water still everywhere, I fitted the hoses back on the nozzles. Maybe if I held the tubing where it connected, it would stay in place. Turns out that's not the case either. During my second attempt, the exact same thing happened. I turned the water on just as tentatively, if not more so, than the first time. Holding the hoses, or in my case hose, had no effect whatsoever. Especially since I had to turn the water on with one hand.

Round three, I smarten up and try to find some new hoses. However, that's an adventure in itself because there aren't any. Anywhere. Nowhere. I found one unused hose. The rest of them people were halfway through their experiment with. Third time's the charm, right? Wrong. My luck that time was just as good as the last two. By now my shirt is soaked. I look like someone came by with a supersoaker and got me and all of my stuff wet.

This is when the head of the lab walks in. And stops to talk to me. But doesn't say anything about me being soaked. Not a word. I have no clue what happened there. He was probably laughing at me in his head. Hell, I was laughing at me in my head.

By now the person next to me was already done with his experiment. I gave in and cleaned up. I knew what the data was supposed to look like anyways.

I only have lab how many more times?
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