Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spoils of Store

I'm not usually too big on shopping.

Hell - I hate shopping.

First there's the people. And of course the leaving of the bed. Then there's the money spending. And there's the time it takes. And then you look behind you and guess what? There's more people.

I don't know how most women do it. I must be missing some type of gene. I think it's the makeup gene.

also note the lack of artistic ability
Anyways, I think this must be related to the shopping gene. I'm know there are people who prefer one or the other, but I am not one of them.

Aside: [Although I will add - I put makeup on yesterday. And of course it's still there. It's not even waterproof. That apparently doesn't matter. Alas. But I kept wanting to go to the bathroom and check it. And for the first time, I think I get it. Women who spend all this time putting on makeup before they leave want to check themselves to make sure all their work wasn't for nothing. Right? Right. So if you spend a lot of time on your hair or face, you'll want to do touch-ups because of all the work you put into it in the first place. HA. Understanding women. One concept at a time. Now how people get there is the question....]

Anyways, I sort of had an accident. And by accident I mean as I was doing it I said over and over, "Why am I doing this?" "I need to stop." and "You need help." Does it still count as an accident? Let's go with yes because that makes me feel better about myself. I bought lots of stuff. I spent lots of money.

It may not be a lot for some of your standards. But I grew up very poor. And I hate spending money. Spending a lot of money is spending $15 on a bra. Yeah. I know. That's impossible. But I hope that I can find a bra in my size for $8. Or underwear... excuse me panties. Why? Why? WHHHYY? are people spending more than TEN DOLLARS for a pair of underwear? I understand a few nice pairs, sure. But why are they the same price as jeans (well, I guess those are more like $15)? It's a teeeny tiiiny piece of fabric. When I see 5/$25 sales I scoff at the word "sale." That's sooo expensive to me. I am lucky enough to be tiny. I stand four feet eleven short. Children's shirts don't fit me. I'm too tall (I know, right?). Children's pants don't fit me (except for a plus size once in a while). My butt is post-pubescent. But underwear. That fits. That's right. Be jealous. I get packs of 11 pairs for $6. And they work fantastically, thank you for asking.
Read: I'm cheap.

And maybe that's why I'm a sucker for sales. But remember, I hate shopping. Also, if you remember back to one of my first posts, I'm not a big fan of corporations either. Well. This happened.

avert your eyes
That's right. I know. I spent $30 on nail polish. Thirty dollars on nail polish. Which I'm mortified about, by the way. What better to do than share the mortification? In my defense I did get 14 bottles. Each one priced at $14.00 individually. What does a $14 bottle of nail polish look like? Ask me in a few weeks when it comes in. Why does anyone need that much nail polish? I don't know that either. Turns out there's an inner girl in me afterall. I really am absolutely mortified. I was mortified even before I hit "buy."

I don't have what I bought from each store because some of it is relevant to future posts. And then to make it less obvious to which one was relevant I had to exclude several. Although it was super hard to decide which to include. BECAUSE THEY WERE SUCH GOOD DEALS GUYS. That worked out perfectly. I didn't want to yell or over emphasize. AND I DIDN'T DO EITHER. Just made the font a little smaller. Is that a thing? I'm going to make it a thing.

Anyways, I will probably share more about the items once I get them. Right now all I have are some shirts from Target and my tea. The tea was the first thing I bought. Tea is the gateway drug to shopping. So don't buy tea unless you have money to spend. And if you are going to buy tea come to me for a $5 coupon I can give you to an awesome website that sells tea. Because I can give them out. Because I'm that awesome. And no I'm not getting paid to say this. Just comment using your email address and I can send it to you.

I'm also have to add that I tried to talk my family out of doing Thanksgiving this year because it's such a big hassle it's a consumer holiday. We did end up doing our version of Thanksgiving. And I am a hypocrite. Understatement of the week.

What did you guys buy this Black Friday? Any particularly good deals you remember from other years? Or do you abstain from shopping on this consumer holiday?

In other news I thought up a super good idea for an artsy thing I want to do. It's going to be legit. It will be months before I finish though because it includes writing a piece of music. But. If I do it, it will be awesome. Until next time.
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