Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Corporations,

Why does food have to be so expensive?
Especially healthy food.

I know it costs less to exploit children. But maybe if you don't they'll live longer and be able to work harder/better?
Gardens are hard. Everyone knows that. That's why all of us don't have one. You have to uproot whatever's growing where you want the plant things, and hoe, and plant, and weed, and weed, and weed. And then maybe pull out a few more weeds.
Actually... couldn't just the exploited children weed?... That was bad. Pretend I didn't say that.
But really. There are so many people out of work. They could get jobs helping make health food. And then there would be more and the cost would go down (that's how econ works, right?). Everyone would be happy then. And healthier.
What was that? Your corporation evilness wouldn't be? My bad. How dare I say such a thing.

But seriously, I can go to the store and buy with a dollar A. one piece of fruit or B. five packs of ramen.
Which one of those is going to get me farther?
Yes, I know fruit has more vitamins. I mean in the short run farther, not the grand health scheme farther.... Am I even still make sense?
Anyways, even then - I'm a vegetarian - so I buy a vegetable base to put on it instead of the meat packet.
Which of course is much more expensive than the meat bases.
My parents deliver organic produce to people's houses. So I always had it around me when I was little. I guess I shouldn't have taken it for granted.

How can you shame someone for not eating healthy when they can't afford to?

Oh wait. I forgot again - if we don't make enough it's our fault.
Even though you don't pay any of your workers enough.
Silly me.

Sorry for ever questioning you,

Also, if you guys want to have a bit of fun try playing the McDonald's game it's kinda fun. In a sad way.

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  1. SO - if you go to farmer's markets, you can get at TON of vegetables and fruits and stuff for a lot cheaper than the grocery store.

    There are lots of them around the Columbia area.

    Also, you can stretch dollars far at the grocery store if you pay attention to sales and use coupons. You might not be getting organic, but you can do better than ramen. :)

    <3, Lindsay


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