Thursday, January 7, 2016

Me #oneword2016

One of my favorite bloggers (and writers... if you have not read Furiously Happy you're doing something wrong) is The Bloggess. She wrote a post called Simple #oneword2016. And she asked us to pick one word for 2016. Her word was "simplify" simplified to "simple." The word I chose was "me."

Interesting choice of word, right? Maybe. I picked "me" because I know I need to focus more on myself than others right now. Being an empath, I spend a lot of time well... empathizing. And while this trait is good, especially in the helping field, which I want to go into, there is a point where it can be too much. Letting others' emotions get to you can be overwhelming. And I want to learn a healthy balance of empathy and selfishness...? Is that the opposite of empathy? I don't know. Close enough.

I also need to focus on myself and my recovery. I need to learn to do things I enjoy. I need to learn how to be content. And I need to learn, really learn, that depression lies. So many things I need to learn to recovery. And not just learn but know. Truly know.

Completely different update (what else is new, right?): As far as sleep goes... it's not. I'm still struggling to fall asleep. I asked my pdoc to change my meds again. Which is a little embarrassing since I saw him yesterday. But you know, we're all friend here... there. Hopefully I'll find something that'll help a little.

What is your #oneword2016?
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