Monday, June 30, 2014

Late Night Cooking: Pita Chips

The other night I decided I wanted something to eat. Typical night, right? Something that did not need very many ingredients, including butter. Because when it's been a very long time since you've gone to the store, you don't have many things. Anyways, I decided I wanted pita chips. Because what could be easier?

I assumed I had all the ingredients. After all flour, water, salt, what more would you need for a flat bread? Well, apparently pita bread is not flat. Pita bread rises. Which means it needs yeast. Something I do not have on hand at my apartment. However, I did not give up. I looked up recipes for pita bread without yeast and struck gold. According to two recipes that I found, you don't need yeast to make pita bread! After several more hours of debating I decided I would just go for it.

I used a recipe I found on a blog with pictures:
Three cups of flour
One teaspoon of salt
One cup of water
A few teaspoons of oil (optional)

Mix, let sit, and fry. Easy.

Well, whoever wrote that blog post must have very different luck cooking than I do. If you remember from two previous posts Cooking Fails and Cooking Fails Part Two I don't always have the best luck in the kitchen. This time was no different.

I mixed the flour and salt. I then added the water. Now, last time I checked (the other day) one cup of water is not enough water to dampen three cups of flour. Not even a little bit. So I added a little more water. And a little more. And then a bit more after that. Much more than one cup. But just enough to make a dough. Then I threw in some unmeasured amount of oil. At this point I realized there's no point even looking at the recipe, I'm flying in the dark. By now it's about 11:30, so, not too late, but late enough. And I crept out into the kitchen to fry the dough. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. I wasn't even in the kitchen to begin with. I didn't want to bother my studying roommate who was in the living room, so I was trying to stay extra quiet for her.

I flattened out the dough. No problems there. I didn't even need flour. Because I had only just made a dough the flour water ratio wasn't very sticky. And fried it in the pan. I was afraid my roommate was going to look over and judge me for frying some sort of dough mixture at 11:30 at night, but she was too busy studying to care. I took it out and put the next one in. As soon as it was cool enough to bite into, actually a bit too soon for that, my mouth is still burnt, I took a huge bite. PITA. IT TASTED LIKE PITA. I was very excited. And continued to fry up dough.

By the time I got to the second one I realized that I had not actually ever been hungry. Just bored and wanting to eat. But, of course, I go for it anyways. It soooorta tasted like pita. I recognized the taste as closer to the homemade tortillas my older sister and I used to make on our tortilla maker. At this point I'm slightly less excited about frying them all up. However, I ate the second "pita" and continued frying. The third "pita" did not taste good. Not even a little bit good. It had no redeeming qualities. I kept frying. Sooner, well, actually later, I had fried all of the disgusting dough. I had still not gotten one glance from my roommate. (sound familiar?) I took it into my room and tried another one. Blargh. Gross.

The next day I threw them all away. Realizing, that I don't really like pita much anyways.
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