Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tickled "Tuesday:" Things Kids Say

I know I haven't posted for awhile. I'm going to try and do better about creating posts.

Jackie over at Indecisively Blogging started a new linkup. I know I'm a little late, and it's not Tuesday, but I wanted to share a few sayings anyways.

Indecisively Blogging

I started working as a teacher/teacher's assistant/tutor at a montessori school. I haven't been there very long but I'm already picking up little gems they say.

"I'm such a pedestrian." An 11-year-old sighed as he put his face in his hands. I overheard this at lunch on my first day.

Once I was told, "the walls must be sooo tired," from a young boy with a look of despair. "They have to hold up the ceiling alll the time."

I'm surrounded by cute and hysterical things they say -- I'm going to have to start writing them down.

One day at lunch they got into a huge philosophical conversation about religion and God (my classroom is grades 1-6). I'm pretty sure it ended with more questions than it started with. When the conversation started everyone knew what God was and wasn't. But by the end they were accusing each other of not going to church enough and kept saying, "if God is a man in the sky, how is he in all of our hearts?"

While this is more on the "cute" side than the "hysterical" side. I have one that is definitely on the hysterical side.

"I try to pee every day." Said my FIFTEEN year-old sister at the doctor just a few weeks ago.

Better still, here's how the conversation went:

My mom: Do you have regular bowel movements?
My sister: I try to pee every day.

Yup. Pure gold. And yes, we grew up in the same household.
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