Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm just going to dive right in....

So, in my prescription of Wellbutrin came one of those little packets that if you eat it you are guaranteed to die. And I thought that that was kinda of ironic (note: modern ADs are made so that it’s very difficult to OD. They’re not like the MAOIs which I’m not allowed to possess).
But doesn't there just seem something wrong with that picture?

Mind you at that pharmacy they only have that one prescription and don't know about everything else I'm taking. I'm probably on more drugs than most inpatient... patients... but still. It's like do you want some poison with your ADs? I’d like to think that the people at Walgreens would take it out. Or the people at my Walgreens. It’s so weird when the people at the Walgreens by here need my ID. At the other Walgreens they know me really well. We always joke about how screwed up I am. Well, I do. They laugh which makes me feel a little better.
But I don’t even need to tell them my name or anything. When they see me they grab my prescriptions. Cause we’re buddies. Or maybe I'm just in there a lot.... Anyways....

Also, don’t worry. I threw away the toxic die if you eat thing away promptly.

For pictures go to this post.
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