Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Unveiling of the Bird

I guess I've been absent for awhile. I don't really have an excuse.

But, if you have not already signed up for my giveaway, I suggest you do that now. You know you want tea.

In other news, I got an emotional support cat. So that's cool.

I'm also behind in reading everyone's posts. I go from obsessive to procrastinating with this blog and just about everything else in my life. I get annoyed because no one is posting anything. And then next thing I know I have 75+ posts to read. When there gets to be that much I get a little overwhelmed and then I start by reading the ones I don't think I'll like as much first. Which of course leads me to reading the ones I actually want to read so late that it's almost embarrassing to comment on them. I'll get there eventually. I will.

I saw on Facebook a link on how to fold a fitted sheet. I tried it. I don't think it turned out that badly. Which means I'm making progress on my 25 by 25 list. If you forget that half of it towers over the other half, it's really good. Just saying.


I feel like I need to tell a story to convert this from a list of updates (which I'm sure you care so much about) to an actual post.

This past Christmas my sister demonstrated more emotional range in under a second than I think I have ever had in my life.

She is a little materialistic. And the "big" present to her is no joke. "Santa" was a little sassy this year and gave me a pot holder making kit for my big present. Although that might have been because it was one of the only ones I didn't know about. Anyways, enter my little sister, my younger sister, me, my older sister, my mom, and my dad. Note: we all know what the present is except for the two youngest. My little sister has been waiting a whole year for this moment. She's handed her present. And she drops it. Embarrassedly she struggles to picks it back up. She's not so pleased that everyone is laughing. She opens her present, expecting something amazing. It's bird seed. In an instant her face falls. She looks betrayed, heartbroken, and confused. As she's blinking back tears, a "bird seed?" makes its way out of her mouth. My father jokes "so you can feed the birds!" We all crack up. She is absolutely nonplused. My mom says "you know how we sometimes wrap something that means something else?" She looks, nonunderstandingly (which is so a word) at the bird food. "Something bigger?" My mom says trying to defuse her. We're all (not very successfully) trying not to laugh. Seeing the words "parakeet" on the food I try asking her "what kiiind of bird seed is it?" She doesn't get it. She looks devastatedly (which should also be a word) down at it. My other younger sister from across the room says "is there a bird?" I nod as my little sister shook her head in despair. She looks at us utterly confunded (spell check has no soul) as my dad and I went up to my room to get the bird. By the time we come back she is crying because she can't take it and everyone is evil. We're all playing some trick on her. She merely got bird food for her big gift and the world is a cruel cruel place. As soon as she saw the bird more feelings crossed her face than have names. In short she went from tears of pain to confusion to disbelief to tears of joy so quickly I wish we had video taped it. As we set it down she stared at it with all of those feelings on her face and in her soul. It was a beautiful thing. She then proceeded to not leave the bird's side for several hours.

Do you have any memorable stories from the holiday season?
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