Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Okay, it's after midnight. I can officially post this!

Today marks the sixth month anniversary of this blog. Honestly, I'm a little proud of myself for keeping it up so long. So yay me for keeping up with this blog. And yay you for reading.

To my lovely readers, I will be giving away a sample bag of my favorite loose tea from Adagio Teas. (And, if you ever want to order something from them - let me know. I can give you a $5 discount.)

To be considered, email me at cassandra.cassandrascurse@gmail.com with a screenshot of how you follow me (I will be checking!). Unfortunately, Facebook does not count. It's really finicky about who it shows posts to. Although, I will add your name in an additional time if you like me on Facebook and/or if you comment on any post between now and when I announce the winner next month! Also include if you do not like black tea (and if you don't, which is your preference).

I've also recently updated my blogroll. So check it out! You might be there.

Edit: To enter go to this post.
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