Saturday, December 14, 2013

Because That's How Grammar Works

I know I haven't brought mental illness up much since my fabulous post on stigma, but that's because I'm doing much better. We've finally found a medication, or medication combination that helps me a lot. Of course we've also found out I have other issues that were initially covered up. Because nothing can be easy.

Yesterday I went to the psychiatrist and these are a few conversation clips....

him: *googles something I said that he didn't know about a drug*
him: you're right, you're right
me: *cracks up*
him: *looks questioningly*
me: I was going to say 'see, I'm not crazy,' but then I realized well, I am in here

him: allergic to latex?
me: yeah
him: drugs?
me: *looks down at the three brand name drugs I had just been given in the office* um... yes...
him: okay, okay. allergic to any drugs?
me: oh, no

Today, on my abnormal test I finished my essay with "I made-up for the run-on sentence in the beginning of this essay with making lots of short sentences at the end. Because that's how grammar works."

This is for the same teacher who put something about people excreting oxycontin on the exam. Our only other test had the same mistake on it. Admittedly we had a different teach then. But that's beside the point.

Anyone have any fun doctor stories? Exam stories? (oxymoron, I know)
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