Monday, August 12, 2013

I Know I'm Home When... (California Part Two)

For more about my trip, see part one.

told you it's freeway

what people think it looks like here
what it actually looks like
and this
Day Four

Mia and I spent all morning together hanging out. Well she watched Disney channel and played on her iPhone. I stayed on the computer in the room with her. I am so tired of Disney channel. The shows are kind of horrible. They're supposed to be funny. They're supposed to be sitcoms (I think, due to the laugh track). But really all they do is laugh at people. They tease people who are not smart. They tease people who are smart. And they make fun of anyone who isn't in style or is different in any way. They call people "weird" and "special" and put people down over and over... and then laugh at it! Maybe I'll try writing them a letter (like that would do anything). They have commercials saying just be yourself and people will like you. But all of their shows put down anyone who doesn't conform. As I'm writing this, she's here watching it again, and I just heard "and that's why no one likes you." It's a horrible influence. I can't stand it.

Fun [sobering] fact - most laugh tracks were recorded by adults in the 50s. That means that everyone, or nearly everyone, you hear laughing is already dead.

I also taught her how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I can't believe she didn't know. I don't think she's cooked before. She's kind of spoiled. She threw bread down into a pan with hot oil, sending it everywhere. Then she freaked out and danced around while I told her she needed to put the cheese in NOW or it would burn ("I hate to break it to you, but you're not a normal kid" track: "awww"). Then, dropping cheese from a really high height she whined about the oil and how the bread was burnt. She refused to flip it, and had me do it. Sigh. I don't think I was like that when I was 12.

Later we went to her house. I think her step dad (her mom and him aren't married, but they don't want to deal with remarrying, but they are together) is hysterical. She doesn't seem to like him much. They bicker nonstop. I can see how it would get annoying after awhile, but I dunno. He's sort of paranoid about germs - he freaked out about his son going on the porch with no shoes because it was dirty. When I walk across hot or sharp... ground... my dad gets excited because it means I'm tough.

That afternoon we went to Skyzone. It's a trampoline park. I landed a few front flips, which was exciting. Afterward, we had to wash our hands twice with hand sanitizer and once with soap before we could eat. And they wonder why the Mia seemed a bit sick - they have no germ tolerance! At dinner, Charlotte's boyfriend broke the serving spoon. We got some good laughs out of that.

And - I come back to driving. People here are crazy! I honestly don't know how cars fit in such small spaces. People change lanes on the freeway with maybe an inch to spare on each side. And everyone is mean. If the lane is ending and you're trying to get over - expect the car preventing you from doing so to speed up - making it more difficult.
Day Five

Today, when Charlotte came to pick Mia up she hadn't showered from the night before. Apparently this is a REALLY BIG DEAL. My parents wouldn't even have asked if I had showered. Her mom asked and when she said she hadn't she told her that that was probably why she was sick. And then she cried a bit. It was all kind of confusing. But, she is only 12. And being over dramatic is what 12-year-olds do. As far as the germs... I dunno. Where I come from sisters french kiss dogs and cats, and people go weeks without showering.

After that mess my uncle and I went to Balboa park. It was pretty and there was so much going on. There was a section where there was a lot of art. And there were a bunch of vendors. It was like a farmer's market without the food. And he said it's like that every day.

We didn't do too much else. We went out to lunch (I've been going out a lot), and when it came to $30, he talked about how cheap it was. He took a nap, and I hung out in my room. At night he said he needed some stuff for his run in the morning. It was about a twenty minute drive each way. We only got $2.50 worth of stuff.... The price of gas has just jumped up to about $4.15 a gallon. I'm pretty sure the gas cost more than what he bought. We also watched a movie called Promised Land with Matt Damon. It sort of had the Indie movie feel to it. It was pretty good though.

I know I haven't been too funny lately. Right now I'm just sharing about my trip before I forget it all. Funny stories will be back soon. If you can't wait, you can reread part one of the story I haven't finished yet.
Or go back and read some of my other stories.

Coming soon... part three.

*All of these pictures were stolen off the internet.
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